Saturday, June 11

Planet's New Addition

Hello crafty friends!  I guess I can say my summer vacation officially starts today.  During the past few days, everybody at school was cleaning their respective work areas/classrooms.  One of the teachers gave me an organizer that has been in her room but she hasn't really used.  I think it's a shoe organizer, but I know I can definitely use it in my craft room.  When my co-worker saw this organizer, she looked at me and said there's no more room in my craft room for it.  I kinda believed her, but there's no harm in trying, right?  I told her if I don't find room for it, I'll pass it on to her, since she's a crafter as well.

As soon as I got home yesterday, I started looking around in my craft room and tried to re-analyze my craft supplies.  Same questions as before:  Which ones do I use often?  What space can I sacrifice?  What changes can be made to accomodate this new organizer?  What  can go in this new organizer?

After about 3 hours, I found a place for my new organizer.  But before that, I'd like to show you how the space I found looked like before:

A lot of craft supplies and materials in this cabinet are stuff I don't really use so often like scrapbook kits, reinkers, album page refills, craft knives, etc.

This is what it looks now:

It's now a place for tools and supplies that were out in the open but I rarely used.  Some are craft materials that I haven't used for a while because they have been hidden, and I would like to use them more often.  The plastic cases are actually shoe boxes I bought from CostCo in Japan, and they are perfect for that space on the right.

I'm looking to organizing other areas after this new change, and I will definitely share them with you when I'm done.

Have a great weekend!

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