Sunday, September 4

Officially Royal

For the third straight year, I went to the Royal Craft Show in Castle Farms of Charlevoix, MI.  This particular show is filled with wonderful and crafty artisans, and their beautiful work sure is a feast to anybody's eye.  The rainy weather this morning didn't stop us from going, and it sure was a relief that it has stopped raining when we arrived.  This year, there were my favorite vendors, the usual ones, and even new ones.  There were also some that I was looking forward to seeing again, but they were not there.

Due to budget constraints, I couldn't splurge like I did last year.  But I made sure to get something.  And that one thing is this 5 x 7 Pressed Flower Picture made with dried flowers, herbs, ferns and leaves:

The artists are Barbara Saalfeld, Linda Musolf and Ginnie Shehan, and they call themselves "Flower Sisters".  I really wish they have a website so I can show you, but they have other sizes of their work - and the bigger they get, the more beautiful and colorful they are.  Hopefully next year, if they will still be at the Royal Craft show, I can get something bigger.

No, I'm not going to make a card out of this Flower Picture.  It will go to a nice frame to hang on our wall.

I mentioned earlier about my favorite craft vendors.  Pillywiggins Garden is one of them.  I just blogged about their fabulous gourds in my first Crafter Focus.  You can read it by clicking here.

'Til next blog!

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