Tuesday, November 15

Crafty Weekend (Part 2)

So we were so busy at the Our Daily Bread Designs booth that I wasn't able to visit all other booths in the Deer Widows Weekend Scrapbooking and Stamping Show by Great Scrapbook Events.  However, I signed up for three of seven classes offered by USArt Quest, which has a booth in the show together with Marco's Paper.   

What tops it all is meeting Ms. Susan Pickering Rothamel, the person who gave us USArt Quest and its wonderful products.  I knew Ms. Rothamel through the books she has written, and I have seen her in a number of craft programs on TV.  That's why I was excited to be able to meet and learn from her.



Ms. Rothamel is one of the sweetest persons I've ever met. She's got charisma and very approachable, and in less than a minute from when I first talked to her, she has already given me a hug. I love the way she speaks and explains things - you just get drawn to her.

The first class I took was called "Dicrofiber Fabulous".  I have had Dicrofibers for a long time, and never really got to play with them.  This class tells me that it's easy to handle Dicrofibers, and that I should take them out of the drawers and use them.  Here's the card I made from this class:

It was also my first time to use detailed stickers like Styl'ine.  I've had a bunch of them as well, but never really used them.  Now that I learned the trick in using them, I'm ready to let them out the drawer.

The second class is called "Cut! Bond! Create!" where we learned how to use Gilding.  It's one of the things that I was leary to try, but now that I have through this class, I can't wait to use it in my cards.  We also learned more techniques in using detailed stickers.

And the last class was called "It's a MICAlicious Collage!" taught by Ms. Rothamel herself.  In this class, we made a collage using art napkins, mica products and USArt Quests latest product called Prills.

In this photo, you can see Ms. Rothamel helping me with my collage:

 And this is how my collage looks:

Aside from making collages and all other things, one thing I'll never forget is learning that a napkin has three layers.  And also how cool it is to use Mica in different forms.  And that you can use Prills in so many ways - even making jewelry!

I can't wait to play with my USArt Quest buys, past and present, now that I know exactly how to use them.

'Til next blog!

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Maryann Laursen said...

It sure seems, you´ve had a great week-end, and it must be awesome, to have been able to attend asll these classes there too. All you´ve done is looking really awesome, and I just so love the collage, you made there, it´s sooooooooo beautiful. Really gorgeous work hun.