Tuesday, November 8

Openings in Heaven

Death has always led me to a lot of questions.  Oftentimes, I couldn't find any answer.  The questions have remained.  And everytime I learn of another person leaving this world, whether I know them prsonally or not, the list of questions grow. 

Why does a woman so young have to die within a year of learning she has cancer, and leave a husband and three sons so soon?  If a lifetime is not enough, what more is 11 months?  Why can a life so vibrant be cut so short in a snap?  Why can't everybody just die of old age?  If not, then why can't the bad people be the ones to go first - the ones who take advantage of others, the ones who are selfish, the ones who just inflict pain and suffering to the people around them, the ones who don't care about anybody and even themselves?

What I have written so far seems to have no relation to the title of today's blog.  Forgive me, dear reader, but I just wanted to express myself. 

Yesterday, a fellow crafter Katie Renz passed away.  I don't know her, but I have been following her blog for the past months, as she shared her thoughts and feelings regarding her ordeal.  And when I learned that she is gone, I felt really sad especially for her children.  And the questions kept coming back.

Katie's friends from the crafting scene has put together something for her and her family called "Swimming for Katie".  If you have the chance, please visit this page because there you can find a number of ways to contribute something.

Maybe this card can bring some comfort somehow.

Please say a little prayer for the Renz family.


Carol W. said...

A beautiful card! Love the sentiment and your post is amazing. TFS


First of all you made a lovely card my friend =) Now when it comes to death we have the same questions and I know you still have more questions like me. A fellow crafter whom I follow, too, was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer and I'm so worried for her because she has small kids. I pray for her everyday although we don't know each other. I smile everytime I see her updating her blog but not everyday anymore like before. Yeah, why can't we die of old age ...?

jessica said...

Beautiful card and very moving post!