Saturday, February 11

Another Copic Post

Don't you just hate it when you accidentally delete something on your blog?  Well, I did.  I posted about my Copic Intermediate Certification Class in Anaheim on the day itself.  And now it's gone (sad face).  I have to learn the hard way about posting from an android phone.

So here I am over two weeks later, posting about my experience in this really great class.  Now that I finally have time to look through my SD card, I'm ready for a comeback. 

Since I was going to be in Anaheim to see my family, I thought it was a good opportunity to take the Intermediate Certification Class that was scheduled in the area.  For me to take it here in Michigan, I have to drive almost 4 hours one way to get to the venue.  I just had to grab the chance.  I was really relieved that there were some spots left despite me signing up quite close to the date of the class. 

It all took place in Red Lion Hotel:

Since I was going to ride the plane, I didn't bring any of my markers.  I knew, based from the Standard Certification Class, that there would be markers available for use.  I wasn't surprised however, when I saw some of the attendees who brought their markers with them.  I did wish that I brought my own though. 

The class was to be taught by Sherrie Siemens, who is one of the popular names in the card making/stamping industry.  She's from Canada, and she makes awesome work. 

Before the class, I was kinda hoping that Marianne Walker would be present somehow because of the Winter CHA that was going to take place the next day.  And when I did see her as I entered the function room, I got more excited about what I can learn.  We were going to have two top notch Copic instructors.  Who wouldn't want that?!?

After getting my Copic goodies and picking a spot in the room, I got to pick a name tag which I looooveee:

Marianne took the floor first, explaining about the Intermediate Certification Class as a whole.  At this stage, we should already know and be comfortable with the basics as they will be tackling more about the advanced stuff.

Marianne and Sherrie took turns in teaching the different segments of the class, which started at 9 am and lasted until 8 pm. 

But it doesn't end there.  At the end of the class, Marianne and Sherrie gave each one of us a very wonderful surprise - a Copic Carrying Case.

It comes with a long strap and 6 buckets inside:

One bucket can hold so many markers.  What's in this particular bucket here already carries most of my Sketch markers.  I guess I still have a long way to go as far as collecting Copics is concerned.

And you know what made this class extra special?  It's the calligraphy on our certificates.  One of the attendees does calligraphy, and she offered to write our names on the certificates.  I never really found out who she was, but I would like to thank her for doing such an awesome job.

If you are going to ask me if taking this class is worth it, for somebody like me who never had any type of formal art education, yes it definitely is.  I learned so much in this class, and the hands on teaching method was definitely a plus.

'Til next blog!


jessica said...

Congrats!! looks like a great time!
I am hoping in the near future to take the beginners class.

Maryann Laursen said...

WOW congratulations hun, I´m really jealous, and wish I would have a chance to go to such a class too and learn how to really color well. Then maybe I would be abele to make something as beautiful as all of you girls always do. Glad to see, you had a great time too.