Saturday, February 18

Warm Tied

Hello crafty friends!  The other night, we had my crafty artiste friend Bean come over for some girl fun.  My sister is visiting from the Philippines, and she cooked some very good Carbonara.  We enjoyed that with nice fruity wine, followed by a Dance Central session on Kinect and karaoke.  Bean brought 2 tie blankets she made... they're beautiful!  I mentioned that I have this tie blanket kit which I acquired back in Japan at least 5 years ago.  I never got around to it.  Bean came to the rescue and showed me how to put it together.

Now that I know how to make tie blankets, I think I can make some more in the future.  Thanks Bean!

When I left for my California trip, my planet was already a total mess.  Finally today, I have some time to clean my disastrous planet while doing laundry because my sister's engrossed in watching Hell's Kitchen on DVD.  I haven't started yet, because I wanted to update my blog first.  And before I start to work and give my planet some TLC, let me show you its present state.

Don't worry my planet... I'm now here to rescue you!!!

'Til next blog...

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Maryann Laursen said...

Well I don´t think your planet looks that bad Joan, and if you think that, I´m sure glad, you can´t always see my space then ha ha ha. You can´t be creative, without making some kind of mess around you right? It´s kind of part of the process, I thnk he he he
Have a great day and lots of fun, and enjoy your sisters visit.