Saturday, March 31

A Visit With Dick

Happy Saturday, crafty friends!  Earlier this week, we enjoyed Spring Break in Chicago. I love everything about that place! Well, except for the 9.5 sales tax. The view of the skyline is marvelous from Shedd's Aquarium and Navy Pier. Food is great everywhere, and shopping was fun.  Getting to watch the Blue Man Group was one of the highlights of the trip. The beggars on the street don't bother me much - I just keep walking when I see them.

Every time I travel, I make sure to see anything or visit any place craft-related.  Ok let me rephrase that. Every time I travel, I make sure to go to a local craft store that is not Joann's, Michaels or Hobby Lobby. And while in Chicago, I was able to visit the Dick Blick Art Store in the Loop.

I have known Dick Blick as an online store. And I was surprised to find out that there is actually a physical store you can go to.  This particular store has two floors. As you enter the first floor, you will see painting canvasses and the like on the right. In the middle would be the cashier counters and the escalator. On the left would be select paper crafting supplies predominantly by Martha Stewart and Inkadinkado. Books are on that side as well.

The second floor is a haven of art materials for various media. I have never seen so many Copic Markers in one place. Sure wished I had a list of which markers I want.... er need. There were good displays of Mepxy and Prismacolor markers as well. They have framing services too. I can go on and on about what's on the second floor, but I don't want too long of a blog entry.

The sad thing is, I left the store empty handed. They didn't have the  particular things I wanted... er, needed. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my visit at Dick Blick's. And DH was happy deep inside - I know for sure!

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