Friday, April 20

Clean and Proud

Hello crafty friends!  I made a promise not to make any new posts until my planet is clean and better.  Guess what?  It is now.  That was my goal today, and I'm proud to say that I have achieved it. 

I'm so happy to see the carpet now.  And my craft desk is clutter free. 

You may find this funny, but the vacuum marks on the carpet really make me smile.

I'm going to have to enjoy this state for quite some time.  But I can't wait - the playing starts tomorrow.

'Til next blog!


Maryann Laursen said...

You have all the reasons to feel proud Joan, your planet looks awesome now, and boy it´s always such an amazing feeling to go and craft in your room, when it´s just done. I know, at least I love that feeling, and somehow feels, I deserve even more to play and have a great time, when all is just sorted and cleaned, so go and have lots of fun dear friend, I´ll be looking forward to see, what you´ll be creating there, that´s for sure. Have a wonderful week-end ahead.

Sandy Allnock said...

I love all your pics of your room, WOW!