Monday, July 2


I have mentioned before that I sing for a local band in the area.  Well, we have been playing together for quite a while, and we have everything made for the band - banner, video graphics, website, facebook page, youtube channel and all that.  Only a few days ago did I realize that we don't even have business cards to hand out.

And since we're playing tonight at a Battle of the Bands contest, I thought of making some business cards, at least for tonight.  But I didn't want the usual print-from-your-computer-kind.  Since I have the tools to make something different, I decided to head that direction. 

First I cut 3.5 x 2 inch cards from my leftover bin.  Then, Just Rite Stampers came to the rescue.  I started mounting the tiny-winy stamps on their square glass block.  And to make it more unique, I picked an edge punch that came with some embossing.

When the cards were done, I looked for a case to put them in.  I found this tin can in my stash, bought from the 100 Yen Store in Japan.  It was originally meant for cigarettes, but I thought I could use them for some altered projects.  Today is the day I get to use it.  The tin came with blue stripes, but I covered it with decorative tape, also bought from the 100 Yen Store.  And since this tin can will be held a lot, I picked thin alpha stickers to put the band's name on it.

There is still space for more.  But I have to get ready for tonight.  So maybe another day.

'Til next blog and have a great ID4 week!

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