Saturday, August 11

Crafty Visits

Hello dear reader!  I mentioned in my previous post that I'm currently trying to transfer content from my craft homepage (via Multiply) to this website.  As I was going through my blog posts from years ago, I noticed how much I have changed as a blogger and a crafter.  My posts were mainly about scrapbooking and a lot of other crafts, until it gradually shifted to mostly paper crafts, card making and stamping.  I also realized that I used to blog about my experiences and thoughts basically, craft wise.  And in the recent years, it hasn't been the case.  Now I feel that my blog has been "commercialized" because of the recent blogging trends.  Somehow, there is this "need" to have so many "followers" and subscribers, that I have forgotten the real reason why I started my craft blog in the first place.

After this realization, I prefer my former blogging style.  And I would like to shift more towards that direction.

Anyway, earlier this week, my Mommy and I took a road trip somewhat down state.  I had an itinerary, and that includes some craft stores I would like to visit on the way.  I was able to find some LSS through Scrapbook Stores List.  Whoever started that site - I thank you!

We don't have any LSS in my area anymore.  But I'm thankful that we have a Hobby Lobby and a Ben Franklin.  So when I have a chance, I like to visit some LSS because there, you can find more brands/products that the big box stores don't carry.

During our trip, I was able to visit Di's Ink Stamp & Crafts in Bay City.

I haven't felt this kind of excitement in a local craft store for a long time.  This store carries out of this world awesome stamp brands.  They also do classes in this store, making me wish that I live nearby.  And guess what?  I finally got my first La Blanche stamps! 

Then in West Branch, I got to visit The Scrapbook Nook.  Now this is a huge store, like they're occupying two spaces side by side.  One is mainly for scrapbooking, and the other is for stamping/card making and classes.  I would love to own a store like this someday, when I win the lottery or something. 

I called the store first as it was getting late that day.  I was in luck, because they were having a class and the store was still open.

Their stamping wall was super yummy with awesome stamps.  I got me several Tattered Angels stamps and stuff.

This summer, I haven't had the chance to go to any craft shows because of a lot of family visiting.  But sure feel good now that I was able to visit two awesome local scrapbooking/stamping stores.  I can't wait to play with my planet's new additions.

'Til next blog!

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