Saturday, August 18

One of a Kind

Yesterday, I took my DM to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  The Wild Blueberry Festival started in Paradise, and as usual their craft show rocked.  There were lots of awesome craft vendors selling jewelry, stained glass, shell art, wood art, sewing and knitted items and more.  I'm kinda thankful that I didn't bring much cash with me.  However, I ended up getting this really beautiful nature art:

The artist has a good variety of designs - deer, owl, different kinds of small birds, sandhill cranes and more.  It was so refreshing to see something new.

I love all the elements the artist used in his work - all natural.  With the treatment he used to finish his art, he guaranteed that the colors won't fade.

Too bad he didn't have a website or business card.  However, I have a good reason to visit the craft show in Houghton Lake at the end of this month.  The sandhill crane one is really beautiful, and hopefully he has another one of that for me.

DM and I went some more sightseeing, and ended up at the Soo Locks in Sault Ste Marie.  It's not my first time there, but DM wants to see the area in the daytime.  So we did. 

What made the trip there really special for me was this store called Riverstone Gallery.  Everything in the store was created from found objects - recycled glass, cellphone/computer/watch parts, silverware, vintage keys and more.  

And it's not just jewelry.  They also have home decor from clocks and wall art photography.

It was a feast to my eyes - seeing all those unique and awesome creations.  But seeing the jewelry made from silverware made me really giddy.  I was actually giggling as I was looking through each piece.  The owner must have thought I was nuts.  Can she blame me?  It's genius to make something out of old spoons, forks and knives.  And it does make sense.  They are made with silver or stainless steel - just perfect for everyday jewelry.




I can't wait to wear these in my next band gig.  Just thinking about it makes me smile really big.

And like I told the owner of Riverstone Gallery, their stuff is one really good reason to go to Sault Ste Marie.  For real.

'Til next blog!

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