Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year!!!

I'm sure you had a super awesome holiday with family and friends.  Mine was busy but really great!  I stayed out of my planet during the holidays, concentrating more about real life and spending time with family.  I couldn't even believe it myself that I didn't sit in front of the computer for a few days, and just hanging out with my DH and our dog in the living room.  Well, of course, I had my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (won't trade it for any iPhone) where I can access the internet from the couch.

But I wanted to make sure I post on the first day of the new year.  I have lots I want to share - things I discovered from the past couple of weeks.  

My last post was about the Polish Star.  I decided to make a tutorial using tools we commonly use as paper crafters.  We will also make sure to maximize our materials, so as not to waste any, especially designer paper.

We will need the following materials:
  •  ten 4-inch squares of designer paper

  •  liquid adhesive (I used Martha Stewart)
  •  pencil
The video tutorials on the internet recommend cutting 3 to 4 inch circles.  The Spellbinders Standard Circle Large dies is perfect for this.  Using the largest die, you'll be cutting 3.5 circles  from the 4-inch squares.  

Take note:  with one sheet of 12 x 12 designer paper, you'll be able to cut nine 4-inch squares.  We need ten 4-inch squares to make one polish star.  That means you will be able to make 9 polish stars with ten sheets of 12 x 12 designer paper.   

Once you have 10 circles, fold each piece as shown:

I describe the folds as a whole pizza with 8 slices.

With the smallest die from the Spellbinders Standard Circle set, draw a circle right on the center of each "pie".

Then we will cut each fold from the edge to the inner circle, ending up with 8 "petals".

Apply small dabs of glue on the upper right corner of each "petal.

With a pencil as your guide, roll each petal as shown, ending up with 8 cones.

Repeat the same steps with all 10 circles, ending up with 10 "stars".

Assemble your yarn, button and needle as shown:

Thread through the first star as shown below.  This will be the bottom piece.  Make sure the button is against the "right side" of the star.

Thread the next star, and the rest of the stars as shown.  Make sure the "right side" of each star is facing up, which is the exact opposite of the bottom piece.

Thread the yarn through the second button and make a slip knot.  Pull each end of the yarn, tightening each star against each other, achieving a "sea urchin" look. 

Make another slip knot to secure the Polish Star.  Then make another knot at the other end of the yarn.

You now have a Polish Star...  woot!!!

From this base tutorial, you can embellish and make variations.  Some have applied glitter on the tips of each cone.  You can also add a hanging embellishment at the bottom.  

If you use this tutorial, please link back to this post.  I would love to see how it worked for you, and what you came up with.

Happy New Year fellow crafter.... 'til next blog!

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