Friday, February 15


Earlier this week, I was challenged by my co-workers to make something colorful to wear.  Tomorrow is color week, and each grade level is to wear a certain color.  The staff members got to choose from what's left - purple and black.  I was fine with either one, but more people weren't enthusiastic about the color choices.  So it was decided that we wear something multi-colored.  

The original plan was to use ribbon.  But this challenge made me think of the Hana-Ami Flower Loom by Clover.  I picked 5 colors of yarn, then started playing.  After the flower is done, which was so easy and quick to make by the way, I adhered a large rhinestone in the middle.  This is what I came up with:

And because this is a quick project, I just used whatever was available.  Safety pins worked just fine.


Now these brooches can be used as an embellishment on a sweater, shawl, hat, purse and more.  The best part, it can go with any color.

I'm glad my co-workers volun-told me to do this.  I sure had fun and it was a nice way to end an awesome Valentines Day. 

Have a great weekend, dear reader... 'til next blog!

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