Sunday, March 24


Hello crafty friends!  I felt the need to post something today.  It's been about a couple of weeks since my last entry.  The truth is, I have been busy with a big craft project.  My very good friend from college is getting married in a few months, and I'm making her wedding invitations.  I've been wanting to post photos in detail, but this is what I can do for now:

I guess this will be my celebration of National Craft Month.  Of course I haven't forgotten!  See, I'm still crafting (almost) everyday.  At least this project will help me avoid all those NCM great deals in the stores and on the internet.  

Speaking of which, HSN will have a crafting show starting midnight tonight.  This is going to be pure torture for me!

But for now, let me go back to my craft desk... 'til next blog! 

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