Monday, April 15


A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker left a bunch of greeting card fronts in the lounge up for grabs.  During my lunch break, I told myself not to touch them.  Believe me, I tried.  But with five minutes left from my break, I decided to look through them.  I made sure to get the ones that are embosses or textured.  Thank God I only had five minutes.

So last weekend, I picked one of the card fronts and made a new card out of it.  I ended up making an A7 and an A2 card.

For this A7 card, I used Martha Stewart edge punch for the top and bottom design.  The rest of the shapes were cut with Spellbinders.

 For this A2 card, I lined the inner edge of the image with a marker, then inked after.

Have a great week ahead, dear reader... 'til next blog!

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