Monday, April 29


Well, my signs had lots of compliments during the Clothes Swap on Thursday.  And I did take home some new additions to my wardrobe. Along with my co-workers, I was one happy lady.


This weekend, I went down state to watch a concert. When I travel, I like to visit at least one local craft store. We tried to look for one but the ones listed on the internet are already closed. Even though I'm not surprised, it's still sad. The area already has one Michaels, one Joanns and they are building their third Hobby Lobby. But then, I was able to visit Carnegie Center for the Arts. They were featuring art work of students from a nearby school. Seeing different forms of art made by K to 12 graders sure was inspiring.

Let me end this blog post with something crafty. The chair you see is made from that part of a wine bottle that secures the cork. Isn't it cool? My friend's brother made that in just a few minutes.
That's it for now... 'til next blog!

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