Wednesday, May 22


Epcot is my favorite park in Disney World.  I especially love the Japanese Pavillion.  There, I get to interact with Japanese nationals and practice my Japanese.  And I love seeing native Japanese products and authentic Japanese food.  It always feels like I'm back in Japan every time I'm there.

That's why this page is my favorite so far while helping my friend make her Disney Scrapbook.  She had a lot of pictures she wanted to include in the page spread, so we made 2 mini accordion albums to accommodate them.  One mini album is about Mickey Mouse and the other is about Minnie.

We made 2 pockets to put the mini albums in.

So how is your National Scrapbooking Month so far?  I am really busy with work right now, but I'm really glad that I was able to make scrapbook pages with my friend that one Saturday.  I intend to make another scrapbook album for a high school friend's baby girl.  I'm crossing my fingers I finish it this month.

'Til next blog!

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