Saturday, July 13

Crafty Day

Earlier this week, a crafty friend of mine hosted a mini craft show on her drive way.  She is an artist and makes awesome paintings, and also likes to alter furniture and such.  She asked another friend, who refurbishes and alters furniture to join in.  And she asked me to sell my handmade cards as well.  Since I wasn't able to do any craft shows last year, I immediately said yes.

Sitting on my favorite bench made by Sheryl

Altered and Refurbished Furniture

Altered and Refurbished Items

Sabrina's Paintings and Altered Art

Paintings and Altered Art

Tinker Planet Handmade Cards

More Altered Furniture

Mini Craft Show

The Crafty Girls

At the end of the show, my friend Sabrina gave me this altered kitchen cabinet door with her painting of Morel Mushrooms.  I love it!

During the day, I also went to the Nub's Nob annual Art Fair.  It is similar to the Royal Craft Show in Castle Farms.  I enjoyed seeing everything in this show.  And guess what?  I didn't buy anything.  I might next year.

It's summer time in Northern Michigan... and I can't wait to see more arts and crafts shows.  'Til next blog!

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