Thursday, July 4

Wedding Invitation Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you how I made the base of the wedding invitation I made for a dear friend.  What's so special about this invitation is that there are no envelopes involved.  The bride really wanted something different.  

For enclosure of the base, she wanted a slider.

So I cut two strips of cardstock, one in black and one in orange.

The black layer was punched with the Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch.

As for the orange layer, I scored it in three parts, then stamped the middle with my mark.

Then the orange layers were folded like so, making sure that my mark is on the inside once assembled.

Then I adhered the black layer to the orange strips, and folded and assembled like so.  Now the base of the slider is done.

Tomorrow, I will share with you the topper of my slider.  'Til then!

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