Saturday, August 31

Crafty Niece

Last week, we had relatives from California and New York visit us here in Michigan.  It was a super fun, hectic week.  The kicker is, my niece came over and she loves crafting.  So I made sure we did as many crafting activities as possible during her week's stay.

The first one we did was altering a cigar box for the doll set I gave for her birthday.  I had her pick the bg paper/cardstock to cover the box with.  I covered the box and added the ribbon for easy access, and the rest I left to her.  I showed her my flower, ribbon and embellishment drawers, gave her chipboard alphas for her name, and had her punch some shapes to decorate her box with.

And this is what she came up with:

Our next project was a Princess Doll Kit my cousin bought for her in Hobby Lobby.  To be honest, this kit does not fit a 7-year old as it took both of us forever to finish this doll.

And finally, I wanted to make sure she made a scrapbook about her Michigan vacation.  A perfect reason to dig through my scrapbook kits stashed away in who knows where.  I chose a 6x6 kit by ColorBok.  My niece did all the planning, including the placement of each bg paper.  All I did was adhere the bg papers on each page and print wallet size photos, then I let her do the rest.  


This is my favorite page my niece made.  I loved how she did the layering on this one.


I had fun crafting with my niece.  I will definitely have one of her someday.

'Til next blog!

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