Monday, September 9


Several times have I played with melted UTEE and poured them in ceramic and metal molds.  You can see samples below:

UTEE via ceramic mold

UTEE via metal mold

UTEE really follows the shape of any mold I have used so far, making them perfect for use as embellishments or even for jewelry making.

During my last visit at Joann's, I saw this mold from Mod Podge called Mod Molds.  It's meant to make Mod Melts, which you can use as embellishments and more.  The Mod Melts come in sticks and is melted with a Glue Gun.

Browsing through the Plaid Website, I also learned that they make the Martha Stewart molds for their clay.

So when I had the chance, I took out my stash of molds.

Ceramic Mold

Metal Mold

Plaid Push Mold

Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste Mold

My experiment was to try and see if all these molds will work with a melted regular glue stick.  Here are the results.


I learned that melted glue sticks work best with silicone-based molds like those below.



The quality is not as good with the metal mold.  The cool temperature of the metal doesn't give the glue enough time to take the shape of the mold.

The worst was with the ceramic mold.  There are lots of air pockets, for some reason.

The attempt with the push mold was a failure.  It couldn't take the heat of the melted glue and they started to fuse together.

So I tried to give it another shot by spraying oil on the mold first.  The melted glue didn't stick as much, but the shape was not so good either.  And it left a residue on the mold as well.

Left:  without oil     /     Right:  with oil

I guess I'll just reserve the push mold with clay or something similar. 

Now I'm interested to try the Mod Melts itself.  It seems the consistency is the same as melted UTEE, only they come in sticks.  I'm actually thinking of melted wax too, as I have those.  That's going to be my next experiment.

'Til next blog!

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