Monday, October 14

WCMD Day 14

Well, DH and I were out of town this weekend. That's my excuse. But I'm hoping this post will even things out. 

While in Kerrytown in Ann Arbor, we chanced upon an Artisan Market. The array of craftiness was refreshing, and not the typical I see here up north.  It's nothing big, but it was exciting to see more unique and different crafts.

We kept walking and checking out stores. But as soon as Hollander's caught my eye, I was ecstatic. It's a big store of paper, paper and more paper! Different kinds made in different ways coming from different locations. The walls were covered with shelves and racks filled with big sheets of paper. And the assortment of Japanese Washi Paper is divine.  They also have other stuff but definitely related to paper, like journals, art and book binding materials, some books among other things like a good selection of bone folders.  When DH saw all the paper, he said I can have something like that when we win the lottery. I guess I'll keep on dreaming, haha!

Now let's talk about prices. Well, it's a bit more than what you would normally pay for. A big sheet of washi paper averages at about $17. When I was in Japan, I get them for about $5-10 per sheet.  But if you're a paper addict, who cares sometimes? No, I didn't buy a single sheet of any paper. I did get a metal spatula meant for make-up foundation though... hee hee! Yeah, I was a good girl. I suppose if I bought at least a sheet of paper, I might end up not using it because I paid so much for it. Kwim?

Still, I had a great time at Hollander's. Just being there was a super treat.

'Til next blog!

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