Saturday, November 2

Planet Update

Hello crafty friends!  For the longest time, this spot in my planet has been bugging me.  I've been looking for something to fill that space... well, without blocking the entrance of course.  With my planet so small, I have to maximize every space I can use.

I've looked through different stores in the area, but I couldn't find the perfect fit.  Until I saw Benno DVD Tower from Ikea while browsing online.

The nearest IKEA from my place is about 4 hours away.  And when I had the chance to go to that branch a couple of weeks ago, I was very excited.  It sure was nice to be in an IKEA store again.  And of course, I looked for the Benno DVD Tower.  And just my luck, they don't have it in stock.  I was so disappointed.  They told me I had to order it online.  And so I did.

When it did arrive, it took me several days to start the assembly, which was very easy.  When it all came together, I was very glad.  it was a perfect fit for that particular spot.  And because the Benno tower is meant for CDs and DVDs, a lot of my tools and supplies fit so well in the little shelves, especially my Sizzix dies.

My planet is pretty decent now.  Last night, I was determined to clean it up.  Not much organizing.  Just cleaning.  I wanted to clear the floor and my craft desk.  I'm tired of the chaos.  It was so chaotic, that just before I started cleaning, somebody invaded and nested in my planet.

I was annoyed, but found it so cute at the same time.  Our dog Chichay was so comfy in that little spot in the bottom shelf of my planet's corner fixture. DH loved it most of all.

'Til next blog....

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