Friday, December 13

Christmas Wreath

I ordered a couple of wreaths from the Sports Boosters in our area.  Well, I got the wreaths... but only a bow came with each one.  Good reason to do some decorating.  I wanted the wreath to look natural, so I took out pine cones I've picked from our yard long time ago.

It is recommended that you bake your pine cones before using for crafts to kill any bugs.  But since my wreaths are going to be outside, I used them au naturel.

I wanted to add gold glitter on the cones, but I just wanted this to be a quick and easy project.  So I used Stickles in Gold and applied it with a small paint brush.

Do you know my main weapon for this project?  It's this glue by Beacon.

I discovered this at the CHA Summer Show in Anaheim, CA a couple of years ago.  Almost all the companies were using this glue for their make and take projects.  And since I tried it first there, I know that this glue really sticks and can be used on almost any surface.  So now, I make sure to always have this in my stash.

The funny thing is, before I used this glue, I was drilling holes on each pine and inserting paperclips in each hole so I can attach each cone to the wreath.  Several drillings later, I remembered about the glue.  

Anyway, here's the first wreath...

I attached the original bow that came with the wreath to a bigger bow.

It was getting late, so I just randomly attached au naturel pine cones to the second wreath.  DH said he likes this one better.

Well, I have a 2.5 day weekend... so I'm going to enjoy that with something Christmasy.  'Til next blog!

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