Tuesday, February 11

Altered Eclipse

I have been a Sams Club junkie for a long time.  And one of the things I like to buy there are the Altoids and Eclipse mints because of their tins.  Yeah, I like to repurpose them.  I have had several projects with the Altoid tins (regular and mini), but not with the Eclipse ones.  Well, I had the chance to play with them several weeks ago.

I wanted it to be a quick and easy project, so I used adhesive backed fabric from my stash.

For the one on the left, I used fabric tape remnants.  To break the pattern, I added a strip of washi tape.  The flip cover has embossing on it, so I covered both sides with fabric as well.

Back side.

Back side opened.

I'll show the other tin in detail tomorrow.  'Til then!

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