Sunday, March 29

One Saturday

I can't even remember the last time I babysat for friends' kids. Guess what? I got to do it last weekend. First thing that came to mind - craft time!  And craft time is play time.  At least for me.

Well, the girl I babysat likes crafts too.  Perfect!

She is pretty familiar with my planet, and every time she's there, she knows what she wants to do, what materials to use, and how to mix the colors together.  

So last Saturday, she wanted to make a wall decor for her bedroom. I showed her different kits, but as soon as she saw the Flower Garden Pack by Colorbok, she knew what to do.  But first, she had to see all her choices.

After a little bit of planning on the layout, she was able to layer her elements, and was able to put together her wall decor.  I just helped her with tools, and showed her the effects of inking the edges.  She sure liked that!

I learned something from this experience.  Not to think too much when I have a crafting project.  Brooke did the exact same thing, and she did a really awesome job.

'Til next blog!

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