Thursday, July 23

Retirement Party Part 1

The General Manager at work was retiring and we have been preparing for his retirement party.  I was tasked to organize everything, which I don't mind because it's kind of my thing.  For this post, I'd like to share with you the crafty side of the retirement party.  Some are quick and easy projects while the others were pretty challenging, with the celebrant being a male.

The retirement banner was easy.  The company deals with a lot of wood, so I used wood designer tape for the letters.  Nothing fancy. But what makes this banner special is the base.  I used the actual tickets we use for our wood products.  

For a more festive look, I added ribbon in between the letters.  See the border in the bottom?  Those are remnants from a previous project.

Using the same material for the banner above, I used the printed version of the tickets to wrap the retirement gift.  And to really maximize the materials we have at work, I used banding for the wood pallets to make a ribbon/bow with.  I have to say, this gift topper was the hardest to make because the banding is really stiff.  

'Til next blog!

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