Thursday, October 8

The Gypsy Rose From The Dead

Since I started working at the company I'm in, I spent a lot less time in my planet. I felt bad because learning my then new job drained me and I would just crash on the couch upon getting home from work. I felt bad because I used to post almost everyday, hosting online events (especially National Craft Month, Scrapbooking Day and this month's World Card Making Month), giving away blog candy, submitting projects for craft companies, and even designing for them. I was very active in the online crafting scene, and in the local crafting scene as well.


Then on weekends, I was busy singing with my band. Yep. One of the things I love. Singing on weekends is actually still a regular thing.

Am I making excuses? No. I reiterate. I feel bad. I have a craft room full of goodies. And I don't use them as much as before. Although I find time to craft and do special projects, to me that's not enough. And to make matters worse, I still buy craft stuff when I get the chance to visit a craft store. "As soon as I have the time, I'll do this project... and this... and that." And you know what happens next.

So what exactly am I getting at?

For over a year, I haven't touched my Cricut. Despite that, I still buy cartridges every now and then. But they are a steal! Once they are linked to my Gypsy, I should be good to go.

Oh yeah. My Gypsy. I haven't touched that for over a year too.

When I needed it for a project a few months ago, I wasn't surprised when it won't turn on. Of course it needed charging. So I got the charger and plugged it. No light turned on. Nothing. I panic. But wait. Breathe. There is a reset button in the back. Yes! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I got a pin and inserted it in that tiny bitty hole. Nothing. I did it again. Still nothing. I pushed that reset button longer. Still nothing.  Is my Gypsy toast? I have lots of cartridges in there!!! 


So I researched online and tried to see what I can find.  Guess what I learned first? Cricut has discontinued the Gypsy. And I didn't know about it?!?!? I was that out of the circulation? If my Gypsy is broke, all my cartridges are linked there. And even if I find a new Gypsy, all my cartridges have already been linked. No!!! Plus I'm so used to the Gypsy that I can't imagine using Cricut the "traditional" way. Noooo!

What a nightmare.

So I kept researching. There are several suggestions I found and tried, but they didn't work. Until I found this post of which I took a screenshot of:

I had this screenshot on my phone for maybe a couple of months. I was scared to try it because it felt like it's my last option. And if it doesn't work, I face the fact that my Gypsy is really gone, and the cartridges that came with it. "Oh come on. You still have the actual cartridges!"  But that's the point. I have a lot of cartridges. And more that I haven't linked yet. And I can access all of them through one small gadget of a Gypsy.

What a dilemma.

But tonight, I gathered my guts and took out my Gypsy and its charger.

It's now or never. I gotta face this like a big bitch (pardon my French) of a crafter.

I read the screenshot carefully. I connected the charger and plugged it in. I pressed the top left button, the round button on the right, and the power button - all at the same time.

And then...

I saw a rainbow!

Now where are those cartridges I have yet to link? Oh yeah, I have to update it first. My Cricut probably has to be updated too.

I'm very happy! 

But that didn't last long. 

How long can my Gypsy last? Like any other electronic, this too will die. What happens to all the cartridges linked to it? I hope Provocraft has an answer to that.

I have wished to be able to use a tablet to connect to my Cricut. Because you have to admit, the Gypsy screen is not that big. My cellphone's screen is bigger. With the big phones available in the market, it would be awesome to have an app to connect to the Cricut.

So when I found out that an app has been released, I was very excited! I'm willing to pay for this app.  And ready.

Then I learn the app is just for the Ipads.

No fair!

I felt so discriminated. There are millions of android users like me. Heck, I'm posting this via my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.  Notice the new movies and tv shows? You mostly see Samsung now.

I hope they have this app in the works for android. They better. To be honest, that's what's keeping me from upgrading my old Cricut Expression. Yes, the one from 6 or 7 years ago. The very first edition, pre-ordered and all that. But I'm not buying an Ipad just for this Cricut app. And the only thing keeping me from buying other die cut machine brands is the many cartridges I already own. But who knows...

Maybe there are already answers to my questions. Like I mentioned, I've been out of the craft circulation for quite some time.

What's important is that my Gypsy is alive.

For now.

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