Saturday, February 6

Staying Crafty in Mackinaw Island

One of my favorite places in Northern Michigan is Mackinaw Island.  It seems life is simple there.  No cars.  No traffic.  No stress.  I have been there so many times that I can draw the main drag on the palm of my hand.  I already know where to go if I need (or want) something, and I already have my favorite spots, favorite restaurants and favorite shops.  Despite how small this island is, and having stayed a couple of weekends there, I know there's still a lot I haven't seen and done.

Just like any other trip, I have researched about craft resources at Mackinaw.  Not necessarily a craft store, but a place where you can indulge and enjoy creativity.  I'd like to share with you my favorite crafty spots in the island.

Little Luxuries was a pleasant surprise during my last visit at the island.  Lots of unique products here, most of which are made in Michigan. The stuff they carry here are not what you'd normally see in a common store.  

Poppins has a lot more paper products, which I love!  I was like a kid in a candy store when I first set foot here.  Every shelf has a lot of wonderful paper thingies - you'd want them all.  They even have select supplies you can snag to make something with while taking a break at the park.

My visit to the island is not complete without going here.  This shop has a very good selection of silver jewelry and not your typical gem stones.  My favorite rings I wear to my band gigs are from here. 

Caddywampus is not your usual type of store.  It's always a treat to go here because you see so many one of a kind stuff.  And yes, even crafty products made from other countries (Philippines even!). What I like about this store is that you see something different in every visit.  My latest purchase from here is a bracelet made from a bicycle chain, which I wore to my band gig that night. 

I always love to go to a bookstore.  With all the gadgets nowadays, you don't see bookstores everywhere anymore.  I'm so glad Mackinaw Island has the Island Bookstore.  The last time I was here, they had a very good selection of adult coloring books.  Of course I bought one or two.  They also have a good selection of crafting books here, and a lot of other types which I would read.

I have plans of going to Mackinaw Island at least a couple of weekends this year.  Though I have other things in my list I have to do, like circling the island, I will definitely be visiting these stores again.

'Til next blog!

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