Monday, March 21


Let me guess... you have at least one hiding in your stash.  The Cricut Embossing Kit was one of those which came with the first Cricut line.  

I remember using it for the first time about 7-8 years ago.  I also remember releasing a video tutorial on how to make your custom-made embossing folder without this Cricut Embossing Kit.  But that was during "Butingting and Everything" days, back when I was with the Multiply website.  There are a lot of videos uploaded there that I was not able to retrieve after the website went kaput.  I'll have to dig in to my old files - I'm sure they are hiding in an external hard drive somewhere.

I digressed.  

My guess is Cricut discontinued this particular accessory probably because there was little demand for it, plus Cuttlebug came out with awesome embossing folders.  So they went on sale in the major crafts stores.  I chanced upon a bunch of them at Joann's for $2.97 in the clearance section, then I used a 30% coupon on top of it.  I might have bought them all.  Then they sat in my planet for a few more years.

I was looking for something different to do, when I looked up and I saw these kits.  It was time to use some of them.  It needs some redemption.  I thought a personalized card set would be good to make.  So I got my gypsy and started putting letters together.  I set my pressure and number of cuts to max.  Because of the number of cuts, it took forever to finish one embossing folder.  But when I ran it through, I was very happy with the result.

This is the first personalized embossing folder I made.  I embossed a bunched and attached it to a note card set.  Sorry, I wasn't able to take a photo of the finished product.

This is the second batch, which I layered on another blank card set.  I love it!

I have to say the Cricut Embossing Kit redeemed itself in my planet.  I'm glad I still have them, and if I see them at the stores, hopefully on clearance, I'll probably buy some more.

'Til next blog!

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