Sunday, March 6

The Gypsy's Losing Fight

Got my Gypsy as a bribe from DH after making a big sign for him at work with my Cricut Expression many years ago. I liked this tool a lot - having all my cartridges in one place. It's actually the reason why I kept buying cartridges, the last bunch I bought late last year. It was also last year when I was able to revive my dead Gypsy. I just couldn't let it go. However, as the years go by with the existence of big screen cellphones and tablets, the Gypsy's screen got way smaller in comparison. Despite that, I still used it as I needed it. Who knows, maybe I'm the only crafter left who still uses the Gypsy. In fact, the last time I used it was last weekend for a baby shower project.

Imagine my dismay when I got an email from Provo Craft saying they will no longer be updating Gypsy with newly launched Cricut cartridges. No Gypsy system updates anymore either. Chat and email support will continue until the end of 2016. 

PC says the 7 year old Gypsy technology has been increasingly difficult to maintain, thus calling this tool obsolete by 2017. I'm heartbroken.

With that, they gave me $50 voucher to use on a Cricut Explore One or Explore Air.  I'm still not sure if I will get any one. Especially now that I got this:

Actually, I almost got a Cricut Explore One and an Ipad Mini last Black Friday. Good thing I didn't. I'm pretty proud of myself for thinking some sense. Plus, it's a violation of my standards to buy an Apple product just for die-cutting purposes.

Then, I just saw on the Cricut website that their App for Android is in the works. About time.  

I didn't like the fact that they only have this app for Iphones and Ipads. Not everybody uses Apple, you know. Once the Android version is released, maybe, just maybe I'll reconsider.

But for now, my planet has a new addition which needs some familiarizing. Another good reason to celebrate National Craft Month.

'Til next blog!

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