Friday, April 1

Bling It On

Who doesn't like bling on anything?  I have met a woman who has bling on her office supplies at work - from her pen to her stapler.  I like bling on my tops and accessories when I sing for the band.  I like to add bling to my craft projects, too.

So I had this Kandi Kane Applicator Wand which I bought from either QVC or HSN many years ago.  To be honest, I don't think I have used it more than 5 times.  Probably because of it being a plug in, and it seemed just too risky to use if left unattended.  As you can see on the picture below, when it's set on a surface, the hot tip touches the surface.  You will need a special heat resistant mat to avoid burns, or use the little stand that came with - which I have no idea where I hid anymore.  The Kandi Kane has different kinds of tips also, to use with different shapes and sizes of bling.  I think the different tips make the process complicated.

During a stopover at one of the big box craft stores, I found this bunch in the clearance section.  It's the I-Rock Crystal Heat Setting Tool by Imaginisce, and it's battery operated.  I like the sound of that.

I took them out of the packaging, and searched for something to test it on.  Since I got this cool new microphone, I decided to give this some character.

This tool takes 3 AA batteries, which is not bad.  It didn't take that long to warm up and you can set your bling right away.  I like its portability, and most of all, when I set it down, the tip doesn't touch the surface.  I had bling from the Kandi Kane wand, and I was able to use them with the I-Rock with no hassle.  And guess what?  No changing tips required.

So I went ahead and tried several sizes of crystals, even a different kind of surface which they refer to as a gem (in gold).  I had no issues during application.  It was so easy - no cords, easy to pick up and set down in between crystals.

After this trial, my mind is racing as to which ones I should add bling to next. Cellphone, shoes... maybe rev up a boring pair of dangling earrings or bracelet.  Exciting!

'Til next blog!

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