Monday, May 8

Stamping Catalog

Call me obsessive-compulsive, but I really like things in order.  As far as my craft room goes, I like to know where things are because one:  I hate looking for things I can't find, and two:  I want to know where to find things, and three:  I really get mad when I buy doubles of things I already have.  For us crafters, that is hard.  I'm sure like me, you have doubles or triples of a certain stamp, die or punch set.  And also like me, you probably have countless stamp sets, dies, punches, markers, ink pads, or what have you.  That is why sometimes, we spend hours in our craft room organizing, instead of creating... because we tend to collect.  Right?

I digress.

Anyway, so really this post is about my stamps.  I have all kinds.  What?  There are kinds???  Wood-mounted, unmounted, rubber, clear, wood... did I miss anything?  I won't even dare count how many I have.  I won't tell DH either.

So I had one of those days when I have to organize them.  I already have actually, but my new stamp purchases are piling up, and I can't use them until they are catalogued.  You can laugh, but that's just me.  If there's two of us... high five!

The best solution for me is to catalog them two ways:  sentiments and images.  Then they are filed in a 3-ring binder.  And what prompted me to update my catalog is because of the dividers I got from work for free.  Since they were just going to be thrown away, I took them home.

I catalog both sentiments and images the same.  First according to brand, then according to theme.

Sentiment Stamps

Sentiment Stamps According to Theme
Image Stamps

Image Stamps According to Theme

And to differentiate the two, I use graph paper for  the images.  

So when I make cards, I know where to go for what image or sentiment stamp I would need.  Then the actual stamps are stored by brand, so I would know where to find them.  This system works best for me, and I love it!  

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