Tuesday, April 30

Wedding Invitation Sample 6

Ok promise.  This is the last sample for my friend's wedding invitation.  I just thought to make it harder for her to pick a design... hahaha!

This is several variations of the first sample, with more selections on the sliders and on the inside of the card.

For this invitation, the slider uses the same sentiment as Sample 4.  While the inside is the exact same as Sample 1.

The good thing about this solid pocket is you have the option to stamp or print on it.  Like the invitation greeting for example, or the wedding date and location.

For this invitation, the slider is almost the same as Sample 1, just using the same sentiment as the invitation above.  There is a big difference on the pocket inside, which I actually like better.

For the next variations, they will be using the same slider.  Just differences on the inserts, as you can see when each card is closed.  The inserts have decorative top edges.

I'm using either yellow or purple because that's what I have a lot in stock - great for a big number of invitations.  The inserts in this variation have a more leaf/floral design.

The inserts in this variation is made with one of my favorite edge punches. 

Here's the exact same variation using yellow inserts:

This concludes my wedding invitation sample series this month.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them.  Now I'll just wait for my friend to decide which one she likes best.

'Til next blog!

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