Thursday, May 21

You've Been Crafted!!!

One of the things I liked about staying at home due to C-19 is that people somehow stay connected through ways that are out of the ordinary.  People had a lot of cool ideas to make you feel that you're not alone, even when you had to stay home and keep away from everybody.  I got wined for one.  We also received wonderful things that were not bought from stores likes farm fresh eggs, pasties, and homemade bread.

So I thought about doing something different.  I have made a good number of face masks to give out to friends and family.  For the past week, I was making cards.

What a perfect time to use up a lot of stamped images collected from swaps!  I was just going to make a few to give to our neighbor, then I decided to make more.  I have been wined.  In return, some people will be crafted!

I had so much fun coloring and inking these stamped images. I enjoyed putting together the cards a lot.  I will be blogging about them in detail after this post for sure.

I focused on birthday cards and thank you cards, but also made some Father's Day cards, Graduation cards, sympathy, wedding and blank ones.  I was surprised I was able to make 61 cards!

It feels great to finally use these images that have been stored for so long.  I was able to use materials from previous projects too.

I was so excited while packing these cards today!  They will be left in somebody's doorstep soon.  

For now, they are in an empty wine box, and will be randomly distributed in my next grocery run soon after Memorial Day.

Stay safe everyone!

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Unknown said...

You always make awesome cards. I would love to be'crafted' by your inspirations. Then I will flow with inspiration too.