Thursday, June 4

Happy Birthday

Hope you're hanging in there, crafty reader!  It seems like things are slowly going back to normal, at least where I'm from.  Funny how we take things for granted when they are just right in front of you because we are too busy with everyday life.  Now that we have all this time in our hands, we see how valuable small things are.

For this next set of cards, I used the same background stamp from my last post.  But instead, I used the same Happy Birthday stamp as well.  I got a bunch of this from an image swap ages ago, and now is the time to use them.

See the background cardstock used in this card?  It's actually from a stamp catalog I got from the one and only CHA convention I attended in Anaheim, CA.  I actually salvaged a lot of images from the catalogs and used them in my series of "lockdown cards".  I'm pretty sure you'll be able to pinpoint some.

I sure love these stickers I found buried in my craft space.  The possibilities are endless!

Stay safe, crafty reader... 'Til next blog!

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