Thursday, July 16


Hello crafty reader!  I'm so excited to show you this week's card set.  They feature Hero Arts Kokeshi Girls.  There was a time in my crafting life that I was so into anything Japanese because I lived in Japan for 5 years.  So when these stamps came out, I had to have them.  I think I even hosted a Japanese image swap before, and if I'm not mistaken, these actual stamped images are from that swap.

Sadly, I just checked and Hero Arts doesn't have this available on their website anymore.  But I sure am glad that the Hero Arts brand is still out there.  Things have changed in the craft scene, and I'm slowly discovering these changes as I slowly try to go back to crafting regularly again.

These cards are so cute, I wanted to keep them for myself.  But I hope whoever received these cards during my "You've Been Crafted" project like them.

Stay safe... 'Til next blog!

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