Sunday, January 3

New and Improved A2 Rack

Happy New Year, crafty reader!  Here's to everything fresh.  2020 was challenging, but let that experience make 2021 much much better.  

Before going back to work, I made it a point to accomplish this task from my To Do List.  I love this rotating fixture I bought from a yard sale or second hand shop.  It's perfect for my A2 card bases and envelopes.  However, it's not rotating smoothly, hard to maneuver and is standing at an angle - which really bothers my OCD brain.  It's located in the corner where the door to our sump pump is.  My handheld Dyson vacuum is also in there, so I need to be able to move this fixture easily each time I need to open this door.

I've been trying to figure out how to make it work the way I want, and was searching online for a good rolling base for it.  One day at Walmart, I found this metal base by Better Homes and Gardens at the garden section, originally for big and heavy plant pots.  Not sure if it's big enough for my fixture, I closed my eyes and bought it.  Back home, I set my rotating fixture on it, and I found the diameter to be just right.

My rotating fixture actually has 2 pieces:  the main rack, and the base where the rack rests and "supposedly" spins on.  But it doesn't rotate smoothly, and it annoys me every time I do so.

I separated the two pieces and got rid of the base.  Then I positioned the main rack on the rolling base, and secured it with zip ties.

I was so mad at myself because it didn't even take 15 minutes to finish this project, which has been in my To Do List for a long time.  Now, my A2 rack is very maneuverable and easily rotates.  I am a very happy crafter!

I started the year right for my craft space.  That means more projects and goals to be accomplished.  My number one goal this year is to start my Tinker Planet Channel on Youtube.  I have videos here and there, which you can see in the Tinky Tutorials section of this website. But first things first.  I have to clean and organize my craft space, and do some tech upgrades.  I am very excited... it's all a matter of time management.  I got this!

Until then... stay safe, everyone!      

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