Wednesday, September 21


During my last visit at Joann's, I saw the EK Success Dimensional Flower Punch Gerber Daisy.  I have three of these punches, but for that one.  So I finally gave in.  And you know what?  I'm so glad I did, because I really liked it - much  more than the Doily Petals.

I love these dimensional flower punches.  However, I find that the flowers made with them are too bulky to use with cards, making it hard to seal the envelope once the card is inside. So I thought of making something else with the flowers, and this is what I came up with:

Let me tell you a secret.  Together with a bunch of fun goodies, I'll be raffling out an EK Success Dimensional Flower Punch next month in celebration of World Card Making Day.  I do need help in deciding which punch I'll give away as I can only afford one.  Leave a comment on my blog and tell me which one you'd like to have - Doily Petals, Gerber Daisy, Dahlia, or Carnation.  That will also count as an entry for these goodies that I'll be raffling out at the end of this month:

'Til next blog!
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