Thursday, November 3

Planet's Latest Addition

Hello everyone!  I have mentioned several times how I have been so into sewing with my cards lately.  During the course of this phase, I have been collecting different basic colors of thread.  As the spools of thread accumulated, I have been looking for the best way to organize them.  Lo and behold during my last visit at Joann's, which was not recent by the way, I saw the Stack n' Stitch Thread Tower:

It is one of the latest in Nancy Zieman's line of craft products, exclusively released by Clover USA.  I have had it for about 2 weeks now, and I made sure to use it first before I blog about it.  Guess what?  I'm really happy with this product.  I was looking for a thread organizer, but this one gave me a lot more.  With the Stack n' Stitch Thread Tower, I don't need to change spools of threads anymore.  I just set the tower next to my Janome Sew Mini, and from there I can use any thread I need. 

Sewing on my cards is just a lot more convenient now.  And my spools of thread are all in one spot.

'Til next blog!
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