Thursday, November 3

Planet's Latest Addition

Hello everyone!  I have mentioned several times how I have been so into sewing with my cards lately.  During the course of this phase, I have been collecting different basic colors of thread.  As the spools of thread accumulated, I have been looking for the best way to organize them.  Lo and behold during my last visit at Joann's, which was not recent by the way, I saw the Stack n' Stitch Thread Tower:

It is one of the latest in Nancy Zieman's line of craft products, exclusively released by Clover USA.  I have had it for about 2 weeks now, and I made sure to use it first before I blog about it.  Guess what?  I'm really happy with this product.  I was looking for a thread organizer, but this one gave me a lot more.  With the Stack n' Stitch Thread Tower, I don't need to change spools of threads anymore.  I just set the tower next to my Janome Sew Mini, and from there I can use any thread I need. 

Sewing on my cards is just a lot more convenient now.  And my spools of thread are all in one spot.

'Til next blog!


Maryann Laursen said...

WOW it looks great, just a bit afraid, it´ll soon be too small ha ha ha. From my days where I was sewing all outr clothes, I had hubby to make me one himself, that has been really awesome for many many years, and it holds both all my rolls of thread and all my spools too. I´ll take a picture of it to show you as soon as possible. It works really great too and can hold loads of all kind og rolls both the very big ones and the medium sizes and the very small ones, so I can have everything close and always see, what I have or miss on. But ofcause it depends on how many rolls you have he he he. I would probably need at least 3 of these to hold my ribbons ha ha ha, but I like it a lot, that´s for sure.

jessica said...

this is a super organizing tool!

Carol W. said...

Great and easy storage for your thread. TFS