Thursday, June 28

REVIEW: 9-Rod Ribbon Rack

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I bought this from Dek Development -
In their website, the features of this Ribbon Rack were described:

"This ribbon storage rack holds lots of spools. Your stack of spools would have to be over ten feet tall to need more storage than this. Nine rods each 17" long. That is 17 rolls of the 1" wide ribbon or 34 rolls of the narrow ribbon. You can cut ribbon directly from the ribbon storage rack.... It has a unique Anti-Rotation feature that allows only the spool you work with to unroll. Only one spool will dispense ribbon at a time. Spool ribbon racks come ready for painting, staining or, stamping."

Cool features! Back in Japan, I was storing my ribbons according to color in wood bins.  Since I'm in the process of putting together my craft room, I decided to buy this product.

Shipping took 3 days. Kudos to Dek Development for that!

When I saw the box, I figured I will have to do some assembling. After looking through everything, I was disappointed. First of all, the wood they used seems to be low quality/cheap wood. Second, the directions for assembly was very poorly done. There was no step-by-step illustration on how to do it. Although looking at it, it does seem to be easy to put together. And third, the nails included are too short - not long enough to hold the parts together in a sturdy fashion.

However, I do like the fact that I can alter this with paint or special paper. And that it can hold so many rolles of ribbon.

The big question is, if I fill this ribbon rack with so many spools of ribbon, can it actually hold the weight???


Alice Koh said...

Joan... you really mean business with this craft hobbies of yours! Wish I could have a studio like yours but alas mine is all packed in boxes because of our travel pattern, so digital it is for me... until Christmas of course when we get serious. The rack looks good, weight?? Good question. Is there a money back guarantee?

{ PINAY } said...

I'm not sure about the money back guarantee.... well, if it breaks, I learn my lesson not to buy from a "credible" company.