Thursday, July 12

REVIEW: Sakura Quickie Glue Pen

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I first discovered this glue pen in Yuzawaya in Japan. I didn't know what it was at first (because it's all in Japanese), but then I figured it out. It's the best glue pen I've ever tried. It's best for adhering thin die cuts (especially letters) and other intricate paper cuts. When you apply it, it just flows smoothly, and the tip doesn't clog at all! Because it actually looks like a pen, I like the fact that the cap is shaped differently, so you'll know right away when it's in the same location as your other pens. Plus, you can use this for other things aside from gluing stuff. You can write with it, and sprinkle glitter on it, or even emboss with it. This just proves that Japanese products are always of high quality. I'm really glad that it's available in the States. This would be one of the scrapbooking supplies I can't do without.

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Alice Koh said...

Agree with you there about their quality products.