Monday, December 31

Craft Room Update

Our furniture and the rest of our stuff finally arrived!!!  And that includes all my craft supplies from my craft corner back in Japan. 

And now, my planet's in chaos!  There are so many boxes to open and lots of craft supplies to  organize!  I honestly don't know where to start.  I was opening some boxes yesterday, and it felt like I was a kid opening more presents after Christmas.  It was so nice to see my Xyron sticker machine, my laminator, my other Cricut cartridges, my acrylic blocks for stamping, the rest of my cardstock, my punches, my heat gun, glue gun, Big Shot, craft mats, OTT Lamp, and most especially the albums that I have filled with scrapbook pages!  It's so nice to see each page again!  I wonder what else I will find in many other unopened boxes!  However, I did discover quite a number of junk.  Back in Japan, they were precious to me.  I was keeping everything, thinking they would have a good use in the future.  Plus, in Japan, everything is expensive.  But now, it seems my "perspective" has changed.  I was looking at them and I asked myself, "Why did I keep this for?"  They are junk.  I have to have a separate box to put my so called junk in, then maybe throw them away or RAK them to somebody.  I'm thinking now that I have my own craft room, I should have lots of room to put all my stuff in.  But it seems now there still isn't enough space.  Ah... I'll find space.  I'm just too overwhelmed right now.  Considering I have so many projects in mind and that I need to start with them right away!
Can somebody help me?!?!?  LOL

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