Monday, December 17

Digital vs. Traditional

OK OK OK!  I'm eating my word.  I said before I'll never be into digital scrapbooking.  But since having a dip into it, I can say that I like it.  But that doesn't mean that I'm saying goodbye to the traditional way.  My standing still leans towards the traditional scrapbooking methods.  

Like what Alice Koh said, digital scrapbooking is for people who just doesn't have the room to accomodate all those tools and supplies available in the market (She travels a lot too!)  It's also for those who doesn't have the time to tinker and ponder with each part of the layout.  Speaking for myself, one layout could take me days or even weeks to finish.  Unlike digital scrapbooking, you can do it with a click of a finger.  Don't like the looks of it?  Just click and delete away.  It's easier to rearrange your layout just by dragging with your mouse.  I have made a digital scrapbook page that looks quite complicated in less than an hour.  Unlike the traditional scrapbooking, making a page requires special planning.  Because if you make a mistake, you better be using repositionable adhesive or have the Un-Do handy.  If you make a wrong cut, you'll have to make a new one.  And yes, traditional scrapbooking is a lot more expensive.  You have to admit.  Scrapbooking is not a cheap hobby.  I love the convenience of digital scrapbooking.  If you have a laptop, you can do digital scrapbooking anywhere.  And if you're into all those software, you can make your own backgrounds and embellishments, all through your computer.  Plus, with all those freebies on the internet (Scrapbook Flair, for example), what else would you ask for?

Overall, I still like the look and feel of traditional scrapbook pages.  Especially the interactive ones with the hidden elements, flaps, zips and pulls.  Imagine, 20 years from now, the generations below you will be turning those pages and oohing and aahing over each one.  Because it would be so advanced 20 years from now, maybe they would even say "She didn't use the computer with this?  OMG!  Isn't that cool!"  The touch is a lot more personal.  It's like reading the book compared to watching the movie version or listening to the book cd. 

Sometimes, the traditional ways still weigh much more.

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