Thursday, January 31

Scrapbooking, Stained Glass and Whatnot

While my husband's indulging in the "Lost" pilot episode, I thought of updating my craft blog.

For the last day of International Creativity Month (January), I am happy to say that I was able to create quite a few.  First is the Family Calendar that I made for my darling mother-in-law.  I started making it for her for last year.  And I guess I'll keep doing that for the years to come.  Now that we're living in a house of our own, I promised myself that I will make a family calendar also for us, me and Duane.  I haven't finished all the months, but I have done January and February.  I guess, it will be my monthly thing now.

When we were in Japan, I was so addicted to joining swaps at SplitcoastStampers.  I enjoyed the challenges the swap hostesses make, and I like to see other people's creations.  Since we moved to the US of A, I haven't had the chance to join.  This month, I finally decided to join a swap again.  It's a $1 Stamp Swap, wherein you have to use the $1 stamps you buy in the craft stores.  I have quite a few of them, but I never had the chance to use them.  I finally did just today, actually.  And I am happy with the result.  I am really serious in selling my cards in one of the craft shows nearby in November.  Now I have one of my first designs .

Also this month, I started to make an album about 2007.  It's like a year-in-review of some sort.  I actually bought that kit for the year 2006.  But I figured I'd do it for the year 2007 because that year was a big turning point in our life.  I hope to finish that album in February.

Aside from scrapbooking, my husband and I started creating something different.  We actually went to study stained glass, and we have started our first project.  I am really happy that Duane and I are doing something crafty together.  We have a collection of stained glass lamps (we're crazy about them!), and I have been wanting to learn how to do it.  When we had a chance to buy somebody's stained glass studio, we grabbed it.  It's actually Vicki Payne's mother, Mary, whom we bought it from.  Mary and her husband lives in the same area where we are, and she couldn't do stained glass anymore, so she sold her studio.  Every tool, every piece of glass, every book and pattern.  Even the cabinets, shelves, tables and desks.  We went and bought everything the day we saw that ad.  So, we had the tools and supplies.  All we needed was the knowledge and skill.  The first class offered for stained glass, even though it's about 70 minutes away, we took it.  And now we have learned how to cut glass, following patterns and use the grinder.  I am very excited about how our first stained glass project will look like.  Wish us luck on that!

Next month, aside from my 2007 Scrapbook Album, I really want to finish my craft room.  It looks so much different now from the pictures I posted last year.  I should post more photos, but I want everything finished before I do.  Wish me luck on that too!

Just so you know, February is Time Management Month.  Since I like to do so many things, I'm thinking of dividing my week according to each craft that I do.  Last night, actually, I was thinking of Monday to be my crochet day, Tuesday as scrapbooking day, Wednesday as video editing day, Thursday as cross stitch day, and Friday as The Sims2 day.  Weekends would be time to watch DVDs or sing karaoke.  Now cuddling with my hubby for sure is everyday!  haha!

The big question is, will this schedule actually happen?


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