Wednesday, February 6


I made a promise to finish our 2007 Year-O-Graphy this month.  It's actually a Year In Review Album Kit by Lisa Bearnson which I bought from QVC about a year and a half ago.  If you don't know Lisa Bearnson, she's like the mother of all scrapbooking and the founding editor of the very popular Creating Keepsakes magazine.  

In the kit, year-o-graphy is defined as "a scrapbook account of a year in the life of one or more persons".  I decided to do this album for 2007 because it's in that year that we had a lot of changes in our life - from leaving Japan and moving to the States.  There are many other significant happenings, but the most important of all, is basically us starting from scratch.   No, I haven't finished it yet, but I have done the first three pages.  And I did follow the schedule I gave myself for National Time Management Month.  I was in the mood to do some cross stitching, but yesterday was my day meant for scrapbooking, so I stayed in my craft room and was able to finish 2 pages.  I like the way this kit was made.  Each background paper has a label in the back which tells you what page it is for.  The embellishments are packed according to page number, so you'll know which page you'll use it on.  And the best of all is that the simple and easy to follow instruction booklet that comes with the kit.  If you are a newbie at scrapboooking, this kit will help you kick start the hobby.  And if you have been into scrapbooking, you can of course add your own flair to each page.  This is what I like about Lisa Bearnson's album kits.  I have all 4 of her Favorite Album Kits actually, and this is the third one that I'm making.  You can check out the first one I made here.  These kits are buys that I'll never have regrets for.

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