Thursday, February 28

Detached From The World

Yes I was for one whole day.  Imagine that?  No telephone.  No internet.  For one freakin' day.  All I remember was hearing the snow plow truck in our intersection, and that's it.  My internet session was gone.  My daily routine ruined.  Our telephone company must be very mad at the road commission for clearing their telephone box from the road.
Well, that gave me a reason to do other things.  

Like I said in my previous blog, my goal this month is to finish my Year-O-Graphy Album, and finish my craft room.  And I did!  It took me the whole afternoon to do the 17 pages, and the rest of the night in organizing, cleaning and arranging my planet.  I was really glad that I now have Photoshop Elements, because it helped me with cropping, fixing and printing photos.  

And finally, after many months, I was able to finish my craft room.  No more excuses not to create more pages, cards or anything else.  My planet is ready to go.  I just wish that I can keep it clean, and organized in the following days. 

After that, I saw the remnants of a die cut alphabet bundle I bought from Walmart last year.  I couldn't throw them away because I know I'll have some good use out of them.  And since I was cleaning up and finishing my craft room, I had to make a decision.  What I did was get my square puncher, and punched out some letters from these pages.  So I was able to make some "negative" alpha die cuts with them.  Now I feel better throwing the rest away.

My darling hubby volun"told" me to make 25 entry numbers for the coming Chili Cooking Contest this weekend.  I decided to use my Cricut machine with this project to save time.  A few weeks ago I saw on the message boards that some ladies used Stampin' Mist Stamp Cleaner by Stampin' Up to clean their Cricut cutting mats, and make them sticky again.  Good thing I'm not good at throwing stuff away.  I took one of my old old mats, and did exactly that.  I sprayed it with the Stampin' Mist, scraped the surface, and I tell you, I was really amazed to feel the adhesive sticky like new.  You can see the final product, but I'm still thinking if I can add more to it.  I have a day to do that.  I just don't want to make it too special, because they might end up just throwing them away.  I just hope DH wins the Chili Cookoff, like he always did when he was in the service.

Now I have to start making the "March page" for my 2008 calendar.  And I'm in the mood for making cards.  And I still have projects to do!  No more excuses this time now that my craft room, which I call my "planet", is done.

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