Saturday, March 1

One Cold Day

It was bad.  Our centralized heating broke down.  We woke up with 60 degrees (F).  Duane tried to fix it.  Didn't work.  He asked brother-in-law Clark to help.  After a while and a trip to town, he advised to get a pro to do it.  During the wait, I was able to make the March page for my 2008 Calendar.  I had to use my heat gun on this page to give me some warmth!  LOL.

Last night, I received a very wonderful email from Scrapscene.  If I remember it right, this website was introduced to me by Mabel of MyScrapworks.  Scrapscene is like scrapbooking central of scrapbooking websites, blogs, contests, ideas.... anything new about the scrapbooking scene.  That's why I like it.  It's like a portal of some sort, sometimes it's overwhelming - but in a cool way!  Anyway, going back to the email.  This craft homepage of mine is now in their list of "Sites That Link Here" page.  And that just made me smile real BIG :D.  It made me sleep really well last night, despite our centralized heat going berserk.  Thanks a whole bunch and more power to Scrapscene!  Angie, you're the bomb!  If you want to be updated with the latest, you can subscribe to their blog here or here (scroll down to the very bottom of the page).

It was a relief when our heat came back in the evening.  Thanks to Philip the heating/cooling guy.  Tomorrow, I want to make cards.

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