Tuesday, February 12

Monday is Crochet Day

After finishing my Seat Cover Project, (which now I kinda don't like the color combination!  It's too Christmasy!  LOL), I decided to take a break from crocheting.  On Sunday, while I was browsing through my old crochet magazines from storage I found this pattern, and I said to myself, "I'd like to wear that!"  So on crochet day Monday, I started.  What really amazes me, and frustrates me at the same time, about crocheting clothes, is that I can't seem to picture what I'm doing to be the same as the photo in the magazine.  I'm like, which part of the blouse is this?  And I'd go to the instructions again, and even redo everything a few times to make sure that I'm not making a mistake.  And just like any other craft, I just can't stop because I can't wait to see the end product.  Right now, with the looks of what I have crocheted so far, I have no idea which part of the blouse it is.  And the pattern/instruction is not specific enough to let you know.  In fact, I have never crocheted an article of clothing that looks exactly the same as the photo in the pattern.  I just had to tweak a little bit for it to fit me.  Somehow, I kinda like that, because the project ends up to be an "original" work. 

We'll see how this one will end up...  I wonder and I'm excited!

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